15 June 2005

Sidekick Delay

Sorry folks. Been a hectic couple of weekends. That and I'm not sure I'm disciplined enough for such a regimented format. And I think it's safe to say that folks who come here go to the blogs and boards I draw reviews and commentary from anyway -- very 'preaching to converted.'

Do you really need another review of Green Lantern #1?

So...what now?

I'm going to try to diversify the reading list a bit. Throw in more independents. Some Manga and actual fiction. We'll see how it goes. Hope you like and if you don't hope you tell me.


Meanwhile...saw Batman Begins last night. Excellent. Midnight show was not sold-out though. Not that I have shares in Wayne Enterprises but I am scared it won't be a commercial success.

What do you think? Am I inhaling fear gas?

Nonetheless, the crowd in the theater was abuzz after seeing the movie. It's nice to see fanboys happy.

Ciao for now.

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Dan Diaz said...

I just saw the movie as well, and to my surprise it was half empty. I saw Episode III on opening night at the same cineplex, and it was jam packed. Tonight was a very weak showing. Hopefully Batman Begins will have legs at the box office. The film gets 4 out of 5 batarangs.