06 June 2005

Buzzscope Reviews: 6/2/05

Bet you can't guess which one was my favorite review?

Son of Vulcan #1 (of 6)
There's something of a pleasing throwback quality to Son of Vulcan, a worthy substitute for any pull list still tolerating the likes of Robin or Nightwing.

Ororo: Before the Storm #1 (of 4)
Solid work all around and should appeal to the avid X-fans as well as anyone looking for a strong female lead character or a respite from the House of M hoopla.

Atomika #3
Atomika is less "sequential art" than it is simply art, with a story attached. It's also a unique, intriguing and compelling concept that serves Speakeasy well as their flagship title.

Lethal Instinct #1
Holy craptacular comics, Batman! An appallingly amateurish effort that makes Secret War look like Watchmen.

Also, I was at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend, attending some panels and scouring Artist's Alley for the good, bad and ugly. My coverage of DC's announcements is already up, here, and I'll have an Artist's Alley roundup posted later this week.

Be sure to check out all of this week's reviews from Buzzscope's crack staff of reviewers - some of the best out there, if I may say so myself - along with the Buzzscope debut of one of my favorite comics bloggers, Greg Burgas, and his Comics You Should Own column. (Sorry, CSBG guys!) While you're there, sign up and leave some feedback in the forum. It's one of the more level-headed boards out there and while the usual suspects get the most attention, there's plenty of room to talk about good comics, too.


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Greg said...

Well, shoot. I didn't even know the column was up yet. Thanks for pointing it out and for the nice comment!