06 June 2005

Comment: 9 Days and Counting!

bb Batman Begins opens June 15th, and the reviews are starting to come in. This weekend at Wizard World Philly's DC panel, lucky attendees were selected for an advance screening. Regular folks like you and me will have to wait a little longer to see DC's crown jewel in all its celluloid glory. I'm eager to see BB; hell, everyone I know is eager. Even my Dad, who's 52 years old and rips me for reading comics, asked me when it's opening!

I'm sure rambling fanboy reviews will be flooding the net soon enough, but here are two from the pros. Newsweek's Devin Gordan gives us the catch phrase "Batman is back," while Buzzscope's Sandy Collora lets loose with, "I absolutely LOVED it." Let me add that Collora knows what he's talking about. He has directed two short films, Batman Dead End and World’s Finest, that are classic Fan-Films. The guy clearly loves Batman so my expectations for it just got pumped up.

Over at IGN they've been doing plenty of stories on the Batman Begins video game. Being released the same day as the movie on all major consoles, it looks like it could also be a hit title for gamers. The most interesting aspect of the game is the fear mechanic developers have implemented. Check out the feature sections for streaming and downloadable video clips of gameplay.

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