22 November 2006

What if Civil War #5 was good?

It might read a little something like this:

Check out Tetsubo Productions - Wherein I Show Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Use Photoshop for the hilarious remix of the entire issue.

I dropped Civil War after the incredibly lame fourth issue, unable to stomach any more of Mark Millar's weak attempts at plotting and dialogue, and after reading several reviews like this one I'm glad I did.

Can someone please explain to me why this juvenile hack is one of the top writers in the industry? I mean, I'm no Grant Morrison fan, but at least I can acknowledge and respect his talent. Millar, though? He makes Jeph Loeb look like Shakespeare.


Anonymous said...

Funniest damn thing I've read all month. Hell, despite maybe nextwave, it's the funniest thing I've read all year.

Anonymous said...

Oh and glad to see you back from your self-imposed hiatus.

Anonymous said...

Oh and fuck you.