27 November 2006

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Once again I missed the blog's anniversary this year, though this time it's more a result of the long hiatus we've been on since the summer. Still caught the right month, though, so it's all good.

Two years of blogging about comics have seen some serious ups and downs here at CBC -- in output, traffic and personal gratification -- but while organizing my collection last night (now up to seven longboxes and three short boxes), I realized a few things:

1) Comics are great reading and come in a variety of genres and styles;
2) There are way too many covers that would make my mother blanch;
3) I have way too many comics.

The third point is the most important one at the moment as it will be at the root of -- drumroll, please -- CBC's 1st Annual Holiday Giveaway Bonanza.

Over the next two weeks, I'll be giving away two sets of comics -- one Big Two-related, one Indie sampler pack -- plus I'll be eBaying a bunch more as I continue to make the move to mostly trade-only. Stay tuned for details later this week.

Happy anniversary to us!


Erech said...

I like free stuff.

I also like buying comics too, gimme a heads up before you put it on ebay unless you want to get the maximum value for them.

Or something.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Meh, excepting a couple of things that might appeal to the clueless speculator, "maximum value" is pretty subjective for most of what I'm looking to get rid of.

I just want enough to justify the effort and, of course, cover shipping. I'll drop you a list before I post everything.

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新年快樂 said...