15 February 2007

You're On Notice!

Comics on notice!

Call somebody out!


James Meeley said...

You forgot to add Rob liefeld, John Byrne and Frank Miller to the list, Guy. Such horrible oversights must not be overlooked. ;)

Lisa said...

That board he's holding needs to be a lot larger! But you've got a solid start. I'd definately put Liefeld on there though.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Current recidivists only. Byrne's a toothless crank; Liefeld's an easy but pointless target; and Miller...well, Miller's a wolf in wolf's clothing.

Loren said...

How about Bruce Jones? I don't normally like to say anything disparaging about anybody, but, lord his Nightwing run sucked and OMAC was kinda pointless. Sorry, Mr. Jones.

James Meeley said...


Don't feel bad, Bruce Jones has done a lot of bad work since returning to comics. I also heard from a friend, who is a big Warlord fan, that his run on that book was "a slap to the face for fans for Travis morgan." Might explain why the book got canned after only 10 issues.

But the funniest thing, though, is how I ran across some of Jones old Conan work at Marvel from the early 80's. It was actaully pretty good. Light years better than anything he's done in comics in the past few years since his return. Just sort of makes his lackluster work today all the more perplexing and sad.