02 October 2006

Me, Interviewed

It's been a while since the tables were turned and someone interviewed me, but Bloggasm's Simon Owens seemed to think I had something to offer, doing a little research beforehand and asking some really interesting questions.

Get to know me a little better: Interview with Guy LeCharles Gonzalez from Comic Book Commentary

In other news, my return to regular blogging is at least a few weeks away, and may be further pre-empted by NaNoWriMo. As it is, I'm still four or five weeks behind on picking up comics and as Fossen mentions, "No comics also makes comic bloggery difficult, and it's not like my mind is here anyways."

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1 comment:

ack said...

Nice interview. I thought your interviewer sounded familiar, and I see that he is of craigslist laid fame. Nice job getting some press while not even blogging.