07 August 2006

Time For Another Break...

Posting's been light round these parts recently as the real world's been busier than usual, to the point where I even fell behind on my weekly pickup and am still slogging through the backlog. Too many decent but not great comics, too much non-news coming out of San Diego and Chicago, too many bloggers talking about the same boring subjects -- it all adds up to my being more interested in playing softball (we beat Martha Stewart last week, and the playoffs start tomorrow!) and Knights of the Old Republic (A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D.) than reading and writing about comics.

It's break time, methinks.

I'll still post my On the Shelves each week since ComicList syndicates it, but unless Dan and/or Omar decide to pick up the slack, things'll be pretty quiet here until after Labor Day.

Go Mets!

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Erech said...

hehe, nice video.