29 May 2006

COMMENT: A Fanboy Returns

Yeah, I've started collecting comic books again. I mentioned it to my mom. I think she felt a little shame.

Back in the day, I collected a lot of DC and a bit of Marvel and a couple of indies. Indies are fairly easy to catch up on. Marvel is pretty okay to jump into because they are always trying to appeal to the I - don't - know - anything - about - the - comics - but - I - love - it - when - the - boy - from - oz - is - Wolverine people. I am, after all, a fanboy and therefore a purist... unless someone improves on the original idea.

And then, there's DC.

Um, I missed Infinite Crisis. So I guess I'm a year and change later. Pretty much nothing makes sense to me. And I think it's hilarious. I feel like the new kid showing up in the new high school in May. All the big stuff is done; and, now, we're getting ready for summer. 'sfuggin ridiculous. I picked up Titans and Wonder Girl is crying over Superboy? The last time I read this book, she wanted to throttle him. Then again, she also wasn't as cute. Robin looks rad as mini Batman. Actually, I really enjoyed reading this month's issue. I really appreciate Robin.

The whole supposed allure of Spider-Man is that here's this young guy with these super powers that we (or our inner child) can relate to. We are supposed to connect with him and see the world like him. But Spider-Man's a whiny brat who only started helping people after he realized violence could happen to people he cares about. But Robin? Here's a kid with no super powers. Here's a guy who understands that good should always be done for the sake of good. There's a character I want to be.

Let's see, what else am I reading... Oh, I'm kinda liking Wolverine: Origin or Origins or whatever. I don't know if Steve Dillon--while I do enjoy him--is necessarily the right artist for the book, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. But issue two... issue two... you made me like Wolverine a little less as a human being. And yet, I like it still. I won't spoil it. I will say that I love it when a main character can be portrayed in a negative light. I think it shows a writer's boldness. And if we're talking darkness within a man's soul, Wolverine pretty much has all the other Marvel superheroes beat... though, I could be wrong on that. I'll have to re-read my issues of Foolkiller again. ;)

Oh, before I go, did Civil War #1 remind anyone else of Kingdom Come #1? I mean, seriously...

I think for next time, I'll make a whole presentation.


Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Um, I missed Infinite Crisis.

No, you didn't. Really. Stick with One Year Later and don't look back.

PS: If you're looking for a little "darkness within a man's soul," check out the new Moon Knight. They killed the Marvel Knights line at least six months too early!

Omar said...

Moon Knight, huh? Right. Have you read foolkiller? Have you?!

Dan Diaz said...

"PS: If you're looking for a little "darkness within a man's soul," check out the new Moon Knight."

In my opinion, Moon Knight falls into a newly established category of comics. Its referred to as Wait For The Trade.