04 April 2006

LINK: Marvel Writer's Meeting

Chris, of 2 guys buying comics, is f'n hilarious!

Fly On The Wall, Vol. 2: Marvel Writer's Meeting
SETTING: Ritzy hotel room in Manhattan
PLAYERS: Joe Quesada, Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, Ed Brubaker


JQ: Anyway, Mark, how's the Civil War coming along?

MM: Oh, it's great. Really great. Lots of superheroes, you know.

ALL: (silence)

JQ: (looks expectantly at Millar) Yeah, but how's the story?

MM: Oh, it's great. Writes itself, you know. Superhero Registration Act and all, you know.

EB: How is that different than the Mutant Registration Act?

JQ: Ed, please. You're not helping.

EB: I just want to know---

MM: I can handle this, Joe. It's different because it's not just mutants this time!

ALL: (silence)
Chris pulls no punches, while nicely absolving Brubaker of any guilt -- notice how Bru got away from DC right before the Infinite Crisis crossover-by-committee clusterfuck kicked into high gear, and how his Marvel titles are some of the best stuff they're publishing right now? -- and effectively offers an on-point overview of the current state of the Marvel Universe. With loads of snark, of course.

The finanical sites need to pick this up for their MVL feeds.

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