24 October 2005

Buzzscope Reviews: 10/19/05

After last week's no-show, this week I've got two really good ones!

X-Men and Power Pack #1
Cynical bastards who'd rather question Wolverine and Sabretooth's convenient presence in the woods, or where this story fits in Runaways continuity need not even bother pick it up. They wouldn't understand. Everyone else, stop complaining about "What if Scarlet Witch Really Screwed Things Up?" and pick this up!

Something So Familiar
Something So Familiar evokes the visual power of Kyle Baker's Nat Turner and the poetic impressionism of Joshua W. Cotter's Skyscrapers of the Midwest, marking Alex Cahill as an artist to keep a close eye on.

Our Weekly Roundup is up, a little light this week, but with another good reviewer coming onboard next week, and a couple of others I have my eye on hopefully on deck, by the end of the year I think we'll be cranking out some really good, wide-ranging Roundups on a more regular basis. In other news, Rambunctious Ronée's latest column not only has our forums in a tizzy, it's even spread over to the Bendis Board. Fanboy Rampage closed shop a week too soon!

A No-Prize for the first person to identify the "sour grapes" post in the Bendis Board thread. ;-)

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