18 January 2005

Review: The Fantastic Four Official Website

Well, I just went through the newly launched Fantastic Four Official Website and I must say that I am very impressed. Two things are a must for getting the entire feel for the website: you have to have broadband access, and you have to view it full screen. There is a lot of Flash animation going on and dial up won't cut it. As for the full screen, it just makes the experience much more enjoyable.

After picking your region, you are taken through a slick intro that simulates a computer mainframe giving a countdown. When the count reaches four you are thrusted into what seems like a corridor in space. As you're being propelled down different corridors, each one features a different hero, each tailored to their respective powers. The Thing has rock formations on the walls, while Sue Storm's walls are invisible. After all four heroes are introduced, it's revealed that what you are actually traveling through is the Fantastic Four logo. The logo then pulls back and we are treated to the "splash page" of our four heroes.

At this point I was pleased, but what got me was the site itself. I don't want to give it all away but the transitions on the site are unlike any I've seen online. Since the site just launched today, and the movie is six months away, not much content is available. What they do have is the standard wallpaper selection and a handful of pictures of the cast. But like every other movie website, as the date nears more goodies will be added. One thing I did notice, under the Quick Links they haven't updated the web address for their trailer. When you click on Trailer & Videos the page cannot be found, so there is no link to the trailer. [NOTE: Click on the image above for the direct link.] Come on Fox, this is the big show, fix it!

Fantastic Four Official Website gets 8.9 out of 10.

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Caught the FF trailer this weekend before Elektra (which didn't suck, but wasn't all that good, either) and thought "bleh." Granted, it was a teaser, but it left me cold. And Mr. Fantastic's "power move" suggests the rumors of an Incredibles-inspired reshoot of the final scene were true.